The Game

Team Trapped’s escape rooms make your day special

Step into another world and experience something unforgettable

When watching a movie, you can sit back, relax and unwind. The opposite is true in case of an escape game. Real-life escape games require utmost concentration and active participation of all players. There is not a second to waste when time slowly ticks away. Take up the challenge with friends, family or colleagues. And remember, teamwork and good communication are key ingredients to a successful escape. But more importantly: “Think outside the box!”

Excellent escape room: extremely thematic, interesting puzzles, great host. We really enjoyed it. Only needed a hint at a few places, which were thoughtfully delivered, also in keeping with the theme.

Renze Klamer

Very nice game. The Resistance is well put together and not too difficult to do but challenging enough!

Thomas Bartelds

Played The Resistance this afternoon. Reception neat and friendly. Immediately in the role upon arrival. Location very good and completely in theme and in atmosphere. Highly recommended.

Andre Clarijs

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