The Game

Team Trapped’s escape rooms make your day special

Step into another world and experience something unforgettable

When watching a movie, you can sit back, relax and unwind. The opposite is true in case of an escape game. Real-life escape games require utmost concentration and active participation of all players. There is not a second to waste when time slowly ticks away. Take up the challenge with friends, family or colleagues. And remember, teamwork and good communication are key ingredients to a successful escape. But more importantly: “Think outside the box!”

A nerve-racking & intense experience, but above all great fun!From a survivor
Thanks to my adolescent daughters I was able to experience an exciting experience at Team Trapped. This is something I want to do more often.Mirthe op Facebook
After having played 2 beautiful rooms We enjoyed a fantastic meal on the Markt in Venlo. It just seems all so really.Chantal op Tripadvisor

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