Escape Rooms


Team Trapped offers two unique escape rooms suitable for teams varying from 2 up to 6 persons. ‘The Blind Tiger’ & ‘The Attic’ narrate their own story from a bygone time. Both rooms promise a 60 minutes nerve-racking experience packed with surprises and special effects. As you puzzle with your team, you slowly unravel the mystery behind the room. Where the showdown only awaits those who prove themselves worthy. An experience you won’t forget any soon!

Team Trapped Escape Rooms Blind Tiger


Immerse yourself in the unique world of the secret society The Blind Tiger. Discover how the illustrious lords of this club tried to escape death.

Team Trapped Escape Rooms The Attic


On The Attic illusionist Joseph Ancum works in secret on his latest and greatest trick ever. Break in, and grasp the blueprints of this potential danger.